Gamma PI™ Lite Standard Pro
Self-Assess These Areas:      
Generate informed insights
Accurately forecast
Make accurate stock recommendations
Motivate others to act  
Acquire buy-side votes (sell-side only)
Individual characteristics
Coping strategies  
Locus of control  
Managing stress  
Social ability  
Tolerance for ambiguity  
Thinking style  
Specific recommendations for improvement  
Live-review session with James Valentine, CFA    
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The only self-assessment for buy-side and sell-side equity research analysts to identify their strengths and blind spots.

Based on evaluations of over 2,500 buy-side and sell-side equity research analysts from over 60 countries, “GAMMA” reveals your abilities for the five key activities of successful analysts, while “PI” explores productivity and individual characteristics – two measures that shape an analyst’s overall success.

Your high score in a category suggests you operate similar to great stock pickers. A low score in a category indicates that you might improve your stock picking skills by following the best practices of the most successful analysts, potentially through targeted training and coaching.

Ready to assess your skills relative to other analysts? Start now with our comprehensive GAMMA PI™ assessment. See what others are saying or schedule an intro to see how our assessments can help your department today.